About Rakindej

Founded in 1995, Rakindej Co. (PJSC) was registered under No. 114266 in the Iranian Company Registration General Office focusing on development of civil and infrastructure projects of the country.

Fast growing during past years and awarding big projects, is a client’s trust and high quality service result of Rakindej performance during the project execution with confidence to its qualified personnel and Engineering development of the company. Rakindej Co. obtained Grade 1 in civil activities from the Management and Programming Organization of Iran in 2003.

Worthwhile to mention that during last 20 years, Rakindej Co. executed more than 40 projects all around the country to the full satisfaction of clients (96 to 100% satisfaction by received testimonials) without any delay in execution of each single project. Rakindej is ready to share experiences gained in industrial structures, hospitals, hotels and malls with Iranian or International clients.

Strong and fast execution of few projects simultaneously in different cities in Iran needs a very professional project management, very efficient procurement team, engineering back up, site coordination and integrated management that all is done in Rakindej Co.

Rakindej Co. obtained ISO 9001 from “Tüv Nord” Co. Germany